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How to invest well?


Do you have cash to invest, are you mainly invested in euro funds? Do you want to review the organization of your investments?


Some rules to respect:


Carry out a balance sheet to take into account on the one hand the organization of your heritage to date and on the other hand its desired evolution according to your life goals.

Choose the right holding envelopes adapted to your objectives: life insurance, PEA, real estate, Pinel Law, LMNP, PERP, society ...

Define an asset allocation allowing you to diversify your present and future investments to avoid being subject to the fluctuations of a single market.

Determine the management methods: free management, delegated (managed and dedicated), club deal (co-investment like an institutional) ... allowing to optimize the reactivity and the performance of your investments.


We give you the power to choose

your investments!


With you, we share our convictions and our advice,

For you, we put at your disposal our experience and expertise,

Together, we give meaning to your heritage.


We offer a Family Office offer to support wealthy families

in the organization of their heritage and family governance.


An exclusive service to manage your FORTUNE


For assets over 30 million euros, our Family Office department offers you to be the "conductor" of wealth management and the guardian of family governance.


You are thus assured of personalized support over time and of securing your wealth data.


The "passion" investment


Your wealth is also the expression of your dreams and your passions. Invest in vineyards, vintage wines, vintage cars or works of art, all of which are the skills of a network of specialized experts.


Creation of collections

Vintage cars

Forests and vineyards


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