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What are the new paradigms to integrate?


• Longer service life,

• The fall in retirement benefits,

• Low returns on risk-free money,

• The historically low cost of credit.


What strategies to generate short and long term income?


• Diversify asset classes (financial, real estate and unlisted) and investments within each class by benefiting from arbitration facilities in French and Luxembourg life insurance contracts.


• Set up capitalization envelopes to take advantage of favorable long-term taxation: capitalization contract, PERP, PEA, company subject to corporate tax ...


• Delegate financial management to professionals in the form of a mandate because of the complexity of the financial markets and the reactivity necessary to find return, according to your risk profile.


• Invest in real estate (Pinel law, furnished rentals, bare ownership, SCPI, etc.) to obtain additional income from tangible assets and take advantage of the leverage of credit.

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