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Karré Consulting
Wealth management

The firm negotiates and defends your interests by supporting you

in France and abroad in managing your wealth private and professional.

Areas of expertise in tax, legal and social matters.

Open architecture solutions through direct brokerage of financial, real estate and movable assets.

- Heritage engineering missions

- Human support from independent privileged advice

- Personalized private management with supervised digital tools

Our Services

Our solutions for you



and heritage advice

wealth engineering in a global approach by needs, study with audit, balance sheet and recommendation custom strategies

Tax system

Diagnose, solve to respect and reduce the tax burden of your private and professional wealth




Transmit your private and professional wealth

In the conditions

controlled and optimized


Wealth management

Family office

Constitute, enhance your wealth by optimizing the balance of your choices investment

Preparation retired

Analyze your situation and plan your retirement today to be serene on D-day


Foresight domestic

Safely protect those who are dear to you in case of accidents in life

Our solutions for you


Financial investments

INSURANCES contracts, capitalization natural person, moral, rights French & Luxembourgish

Life insurance in the event of life, death, temporary, dependence, funeral, key guarantees, annuities

Retirement savings plan, law Madelin, article 83, collective SAVINGS, salary, club deal, holding, trust

Portfolio holding company, UCITS, structured funds, certificates, warrant, cryptocurrency, tracker, ETF

Portfolio management, profiled, day & swing TRADING, stocks stocks, bonds, FOREX, commodities

Banking INVESTMENTS, CTO, PEA, PEA SME, SOFICA, FCPI, FIP, FCPR, SRI, primary, secondary markets

Depreciable CREDITS, in fine, Lombard, mortgage, without Riba, donations, providence, disability, property and casualty



Real estate & furniture investments

LOI PINEL, law Malraux historical monument, Girardin law, French & international law

LMNP CENSI-BOUVARD, amortization, residence managed, STUDENT, senior, tourism, hotel, EHPAD

Promotion, residential, report, services, BARE PROPERTY, classic, transaction, new, recent, old, exceptional

Real estate company, SCPI Pinel, MALRAUX HISTORICAL MONUMENT, land deficit, yield, LMP, LMNP

Land, land, LIFE, acquisition, merger, transfer of business, goodwill, premises, family LLC, trust

Gold, Metals and precious stones, ores, objects and works of art, collectibles, paintings, old cars

Wood, forests, wine estates, Tepa law, Dutreil pact


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& organizational networks


Karré Consulting
Your conductor

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Legal Notice

Wealth management consulting firm, insurance brokerage, banking operations and payment services, financial investment advice and transaction on real estate and business SAS 83284055700017

Registered at ORIAS and certified by the Financial Markets Authority,

Statutes CIF, COA, COBSP 18001576

Professional real estate transactions card CPI69012020000045269

RCP Aon France Zurich Insurance PLC 7400026945

Minimum guarantee* financial 2 500 000 €

*By investment solution and excluding additional partner guarantees

Member of the ANACOFI chamber,

approved by the AMF and the ACPR of the Banque de France E008881, of the FNAIM

and the World Trade Centers Association and the Business Network International

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