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Objectivity & Confidentiality

We only defend your interests, according to your concerns, priorities

and motivations in relation to your life plans, negotiations by direct brokerage

Efficiency & Results

The key words of our activity, being a perfectionist over time with a single objective, confidently responding to your needs from different horizons

Availability & Responsiveness

In a world that is moving and communicating faster and faster, ask

instant, personalized, human follow-up with a single contact from A to Z


They talk about us

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& organizational networks


Karré Patrimoine
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Legal notice

Wealth management consulting firm, insurance brokerage, banking operations and payment services, financial investment advice and transaction on real estate and business SAS 83284055700017

Registered at ORIAS and certified by the Financial Markets Authority,

Statutes CIF, COA, COBSP 18001576

Professional real estate transactions card CPI69012020000045269

RCP Aon France Zurich Insurance PLC 7400026945

Minimum guarantee* financial 2 500 000 €

*By investment solution and excluding additional partner guarantees

Member of the ANACOFI chamber, FECIF and FAIB

approved by the AMF and the ACPR of the Banque de France E008881, of the FNAIM

and  World Trade Centers Association and the Business Network International

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