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Time is your best ally to perpetuate your heritage. Do not wait before it's too late !


How to organize the protection of your



• Adopt a donation strategy as soon as possible (bare ownership, usufruct, inter-generational donations ...)

• Take out pension plans while you are young,

• Adapt your matrimonial regime according to family events,

• Take out life insurance contracts,

• Regularly validate your beneficiary clauses,

• Set up protection mandates, assess and make choices to protect your heirs and people from a vulnerable point of view.


How to reduce the cost of your estate?


• Do not hesitate to change your matrimonial regime,

• Transmit over several generations to limit the cost of inheritance,

• Favor life insurance,

• Manage part of your assets in companies to give them more easily to your heirs.


Estate planning also helps maintain long-term family peace.

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