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Heritage expertise

and advice



Your heritage is the fruit of a story: People are at the heart of the heritage strategy.

Knowing yourself before advising you is therefore essential.


- Carry out a heritage audit

- Know your goals

- Understand your relationship to risk


Your wealth is at the service of your life choices.

Our privileged consultancy and relationship management approach in private management takes place around four main questions:


What are your needs to finance your projects?

How much capital should you protect to ensure your lifestyle, your financial independence?

How to anticipate your transmission, without losing control of the management and income of your assets?

What goods can you give to your loved ones to help them in life?




You ask the right questions throughout the life cycle of your business, it is ensuring your sustainability of your success.


We support entrepreneurs in optimizing the ownership and transfer of their business alongside their usual advisers (accountants, lawyers and notaries).


We explore with you the different scenarios that can impact the sustainability of your success: divorce, accidental death, the transfer of your business, its family transmission ...


Each person and each case is different.

Company managers, expatriates, sportspeople, liberal professions, disabled people, etc.


Have you made the right decisions in managing your wealth?

We are here to support you in these choices of choice.

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