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Our services

Cabinet fees:


Method of Billing and Remuneration


Study discovery interview and first advice offered.

Average rate * trend schedule for intellectual consultation and other fixed rates / mission contributions, contact us.

* Depending on the complexity of the expertise.


The Customer is informed that for any act of intermediation, the Firm is remunerated up to 100% of the entry fees minus the share acquired by the company which authorizes it to market the products, to which is added a commission surrendered.


However, Franken Consulting has no particular financial incentives to offer one product rather than another. No capital or commercial link exists between the product suppliers and Franken Consulting.


The detail of the remuneration of the Cabinet by commissions, acting as an intermediary, can be obtained by the Client on request to the Advisor.


In addition, the Cabinet may request fees under the following conditions:

Each relationship is the subject of a prior assignment letter, delimiting the fields of intervention of Franken Consulting. This engagement letter will clearly define the course of the assignment, as well as the associated method of remuneration.


Professional secret


Franken Consulting is bound by professional secrecy.

The documents drawn up by the firm Franken Consulting are sent to the client, to the exclusion of any direct shipment to a third party, except with the client's written agreement.


All documents and items sent to us are treated with the utmost confidentiality. We have made a commitment to this with the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties), in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978. The right of access and rectification of this information can be exercised at the firm's head office.


The different modes of communication can be by electronic messaging.

Confidentiality in accordance with GDPR standards is strictly respected.


Prices of our Services see our mission letter made available to you.


Content of the assignment

Annual fee

Brief description of the mission

Discovery initial wealth assessment


For 1 year, your council will assist you in all your financial and financial matters. He will present several solutions for optimizing the management of your wealth.

Patrimonial support contract


If the initial mission has convinced you, your council will work alongside you for a year renewable by tacit agreement.

Search for Financing and / or optimization of your debt


The fixed fees will be applied or not in the research mandate that we will submit to you. The amount will depend on the complexity of your financing file and / or whether or not obtaining remuneration from the bank partner who will support you in your project.


Presentation of borrower insurance adapted to your situation and your projects

We analyze with you your coverage needs, the requirements of the selected bank and the constraints imposed by insurers. We present you with 3 possible solutions so that you can choose the one that suits you.


Selection of an individual pension solution

We analyze with you your coverage needs and the constraints imposed by insurers. We present you with 3 possible solutions so that you can choose the one that suits you.


Analysis and optimization of your investments


We analyze your current or future investments and present you with several employment or re-use solutions. You will retain the one (s) that correspond (s) to your investment horizon, your expected return and the level of risk that you agree to take.

Support in optimizing your tax system (only in the context of a support contract or a balance sheet)


On the basis of the elements that you will have communicated to us, we will submit to you a projection of your future taxation, to be validated by you. Based on these elements, we will present one or more solutions allowing you to reduce the tax burden.

Implementation of additional sources of income


Validation of your additional income needs on the basis of the information communicated and presentation of various investment vehicles that can generate the expected income differential.


Help in finding a real estate investment


Through a research mandate that will define your needs, we will use our resources to help you invest in new or old property, with or without tax benefits, bare or furnished, for private or professional purposes, etc.

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